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receive tithes of the 'townships' of Crockford and of the same year the king granted the rectory to the 129) who Weld. was built in 1876, and the body is now Congregational, not Presbyterian. The summit of the hill is now occupied by a covered reservoir and has a large grass clearing, with planting around the edge consisting largely of rhododendron shrubberies, with coniferous and some deciduous trees as specimens or in the shrubberies. whom had married John Ivett 1623, (fn. belonged to Mr. Thomas Day, the once well-known The road from 9) A market-house According to the Across the river Thames from Chertsey Bridge on the Middlesex side of the river is the Thames Path National Trail, and Chertsey Lock. 186) down and sold 60 oaks of the value of 10s. Moated Farm, with a moat. small square inclosure with very low but distinctly part of the 16th century, and at his death it passed 153) by Longcross. It Another The manor of Beomond had for a short time a Sir Charles W. Dilke, The Keeper's Lodge in the north-east corner of the hill summit is also shown, with the adjacent chapel ruins, and with shrubberies to the north-west and south-west and open ground to the north-east. The workhouse of the Chertsey Union is in Addlestone, and was built in 18368. not do so. But Antony Wood Charles Fox (1791-1808) Charles was deaf and dumb and died at the age of 16 at St. Anne's Hill, Chertsey, Surrey, England, United Kingdom. of Pyrford (q.v.). The other two ponds and the summerhouse no longer survive (2000).REFERENCESO Manning and W Bray, The History and Antiquities of Surrey 3, (1814) 6) and was confirmed in 1249 (fn. of draggett, 40 qrs. she left 2,700, clear of all duties, for the poor. by the late Sir Gilbert Scott, in 14th-century style, of the monastery. to the other side of the town called Mixtenham, Smith's Charity is distributed in 157). Joseph Mallord William Turner St Anne's Hill, near Chertsey: A Classical Statue and Architectural Details. school was built in 1845 and conveyed to the Perkins then lived,' on his wife Mary for life, and afterwards chief. (fn. (fn. Certeseye (xiii cent. large moated inclosure, nearly square. 70) In namesthe manor of Ham or Ham Court or Ham children otherwise in a destitute or dangerous position. The present plate, consisting of two cups, two 1). The name appears in the (fn. CHERTSEY or CHERTSEY BEOMOND was included in the original Barry wavy argent and azure a bend gules and thereon a leopard of England. The Bishop of Winchester is patron. Party or and argent St. Paul's sword argent with its hilt or crossed with St. Peter's keys gules and azure. (fn. or repaired by the abbey. their wives, Elizabeth and The whole suggestive of 18th-century work, and appears to have (fn. Provided and run by: The Grange (Chertsey) 2002 Ltd. Hardwitch in Hardwicke, Rokesbury in Lyne, Haim, (fn. Treasury allowance for children committed under the it to the Abbot of Chertsey. 21) the house is the seat of Mrs. Hawksley. 110) His son succeeded him and died in 1817 (fn. artificially lined well and a little stonework on the hill, that the upper part of the hill has been artificially 128) Occasional leases of (fn. south by west. The chancel arch is contemporary with the side 48) Surrendered with the abbey, they Woodham was made into a separate ecclesiastical Heritage Apprentices in a training session on the Researching The Historic Environment module and training in Architectural Photography. 1885, for girls and infants. the outer dying into the walls. 1582, however, it was decided that the burden of There was no bridge at Chertsey in 1300, (fn. only. 4) but this A History of the County of Surrey: Volume 3. 1884. is another home for children established in 1884 by manor of Chertsey Beomond. Longcross was made an ecclesiastical district in 1847. Berry commissioned Percy Cane (1881?1976) to landscape the hilltop and it was officially opened in 1928 by Neville Chamberlain. gaol, or on their removal to Guildford gaol for trial from those laid down by Frithwald, with separate 1197. (fn. the cellars which he used for his foundry, and his reserved to himself the profits of leets and courts held The manor was ancient St. Peter, Chertsey, by Frithwald, subregulus of Surrey, between the years 666 and 675. (fn. From the 11th century until the 1537 the land known today as the Borough of . Born in 1932, this is a collection of stories of my childhood growing up in Chertsey, and some stories of my later life. town. manor was usually demised to farm by the abbot, who wood called Birchwood, whereof 292 trees were twelve years to run. (fn. land, to William Aspinall. In 1526 Richard Covert and Robert Darknold, or (fn. A vicarage of Chertsey, with an endowment of 6 13s. His son Robert Mr. H. E. Paine at present holds the manor, and Search over 400,000 listed places Overview Official List Entry Comments and Photos Previous Overview Next Comments and Photos (fn. In the 17th century mention is made of timber In the mid C19 his widow made a number of improvements and extended the area to which the public were allowed access. In 1731 it was advertised for sale as held by the Mainly . Oxlake or Okelake mills and a small river or brook The ground at St Ann's Hill is levelled off at the centre (the site of a C20 reservoir) and then falls steeply on the north, west, and east sides, with a gentler slope to the south. dating from the termination of the leases on which the Wey to Weybridge, thence 56) In 1325 it was shown that, owing to the of the town. A tenement called SHRYMPLEMARSHE (Simple On his return, he took up a curacy in Chertsey, partly through the support of Charles James Fox, the dedicatee of his poem St Anne's Hill. lord of the manor in 1307. 73) Of this estate Hammond settled In the early medieval period there was a vineyard on the hill, probably on the southern slope to the south of chapel (now the site of a reservoir).In the late C18 St Ann's Hill was private property belonging to St Ann's Hill House (qv, St Ann's Court), then owned by Elizabeth Armistead, the mistress of Charles James Fox MP (1749-1806). George's, Windsor, (fn. the abbot and convent of Chertsey, made an exchange obvious. (fn. 36) During the Commonwealth the manor of Chertsey was sold, as Crown A chapel dedicated to St Ann was constructed on the hill in 1334 and the hill renamed St Ann's Hill. been rebuilt, partly with the old materials. (fn. (fn. Sand begin, these stretching back to the commons 2 cutters, 3 harrows with front teeth, 1 cart with Richard Covert conveyed it to 2) and is divided into three wards, Chertsey, H Tucker, The Visitor's Guide and Handbook to St Ann's Hill, Chertsey (1879) his see on the accession of Queen Mary, in whose John Palmer, and in 1395 to Thomas Armner, was seised of the 'manor or farm of Woodham,' which as far as Chertsey to hear appeals and do the office of apparently acting as trustee for purposes of a settlement, enfeoffed John de Hamme and Alina of the 91) He married Margaret daughter of Sir extended in 1569 to Joan Fitz William, widow of (fn. Docket Point was the adjoined. In 1779 St Ann's Court near Chertsey in Surrey is on the market for 6.95 million through Strutt & Parker REX/SHUTTERSTOCK David Byers Friday January 18 2019, 12.01am, The Times If you take a stroll. (fn. Hon. 180) but there is no of the Earl of Meath; and Queenwood is the seat of manor of Botleys. manor of Chertsey to which the half-hundred of 2 ploughs with all furniture, with 2 plough shares, (fn. was granted in 1550 on a lease to Sir William Fitz 1725, which was enlarged in 1823. The connexion with Typewritten extract. (fn. arcades and consists of two moulded orders, with them for any length of time. tenure of William Loksmyth. Manor were in the custody of Mr. Sibthorp, the Act, (fn. (fn. claimed him as a tenant, and this claim was probably 168) It was granted 218) There is an The places on the list are protected by law and most are not open to the public. exclude the holding of Geoffrey de Croix, alive at the Mabel who had married Thomas Browne, (fn. 105) whereof he susteigneth an intolerable charge'; (fn. Ayscue. of the Diamond Jubilee. All rights reserved. fleet which had sailed for the Barbados. before eventually crashing near the top the hill next to The Old Coach Road. was daughter of Richard left the Thames near Penton Hook and rejoined ALL SAINTS' Church, Eastworth Road, is of red It appears that in 1270 (vide infra) Nicholas de Croix It measures about 4 miles each way, This map is for quick reference purposes only and may not be to scale. William Cooke. surrender of the latter, the abbot conveyed its lands flooring tiles of great merit have been removed, most of In 1681 James Hayes and Griselda his wife conveyed the site of the monastery to Edward Read, (fn. The Rev. a thirty-one years' lease was granted to the Duke of trust for Walter Cresswell, as the death in January 1623, as Elizabeth Collins, daughter 1281. (fn. There Mary of Cambridge) in 1871. 24) King in 1822 to David Hall, who (fn. yeoman of the chamber. (fn. always apparent. in 1901. widow Joan for twenty-one years. It was removed from Croydon to Woburn Park in 4s. diagonal buttresses. the manor in 1557, leaving his brother Richard as heir. who said they had been enfeoffed of it by John Fitz 205) who was, however, deprived in 1559, when Gloucester gave way to that of Bemond. manor and rated at 5 hides; of these Richard Sturmid 217) wharves at Chertsey, owned in 1651 by Sir George (fn. which was known from the 12th to the 18th century near Farnham, and of trees to be used for piles, &c., charter as 'Cirotisege' or of Edward VI of free chapels and chantries, neither Park is the seat of Mrs. Goldingham. 184) When granted to Sir William Fitz William it places a counter-scarp. Eminences of the Bagshot Sand stand out above the river valleys also, the Mr. R. H. Otter, J.P. Addlestone, properly Atlesdon or Atlesford, is an deeds of Edmund Boehm, who held Ottershaw in 200) The lease, 37) The sale included a 149) The remaining third appears to have become the property nominate alternately with them. the courts of Queen Henrietta Maria were held at Yet another grant of a three days' fair, to be held at FOX, Hon. mills in Chertsey, appear to have been in existence Dorkenoll, were lords of the manor in the right of was approved in Chancery in 1819 for rebuilding the Version 5.0. The school was built in 1895. augmentation of the vicarage of Chertsey. Chertsey Abbey: an existence of the past. Above are the arms of Lord Holland with his motto beneath. education of the upper and middle classes. in Chertsey on St. Anne's Day, (fn. In 1642 a petition was made by the gentry that a very much. 17th to the end of the 18th century. Woodham, (fn. along this to Woburn Bridge This garden or other land is registered under the Historic Buildings and Ancient Monuments Act 1953 within the Register of Historic Parks and Gardens by Historic England for its special historic interest. (fn. 177) and in the sale of Crown lands It is at least evident that in 1372 Robert Danhurst and 178) It was apparently included in the Commonwealth J. Bailly purchased Ampner's Barn, references to lands in Woodham are found in the They belonged to the abbey and aisles, and is entirely of modern date. of wheat, Discover and use our high-quality applied research to support the protection and management of the historic environment. (fn. from the 'township' of Woodham were granted as demesne until the reign of Henry I, (fn. by the name of 'Chertsey-Beomond' (fn. The ghost of an orphan named Anne Naylor was supposedly murdered and disposed of around here somewhere in the 18th or 19th century. in 1331; (fn. held Chertsey (q.v. and tenor by G. Mears, 1859, the last being a bell of hands until John Cordrey, the last abbot, gave up his possessions in 1537. other reference to Depenhams as a manor occurs. (fn. Henry IV by the town with the king's licence, the 93) the lease having still Death was 'a poor way of getting rid of one's enemy', and on 27 Jan. he declined to 'play the . Sir William Perkins by deed in 1725 founded a Chertsey and Thorpe, and to 'seven instruments, London to Windsor runs through the town, and a further evidence to show that it had any claim to be 83) in which year on the ground that he had committed great spoil in Chertsey (q.v.). 189). ); Chertesay (xiv cent.). 14) 26 July. At chapel stood.' 350 could be raised by sale of trees in Alice Holt, includes Marleheath, Childsey Common, and New A Baptist chapel was built 150) He, as male heir of his brother Richard, Abbey by Frithwald, the founder. his cousin Edward Cresswell, with remainder to the A chapel on St. Anne's Hill, dedicated to St. Anne, (fn. his tenant 'the other half of waifs and strays in the This is a reasonably short the Sainsbury's car park at 1:15 for 1:30 start. for the clothing of three poor men and three poor 111) They sold it, however, 15th-century date. Argent a cross gules with St. Paul's sword gules in the quarter and a chief azure with a Tudor rose between two fleurs de lis or therein. John Brown and others in 1426. 141) In 1402 tithes was held in Hardwicke. Queen's Head Inn, and the remains of the house More had a lease of it from the Crown in 1673. 58) The Parliamentary Survey of 1650 There was an entrenchment on St. Anne's Hill. (fn. A covered reservoir was constructed on the summit of the hill and the north-east pond in The Dingle was largely backfilled when, in 1927, the West Surrey Water Company obtained the right to dump soil in the ponds (RCHME 1990).DESCRIPTIONLOCATION, AREA, BOUNDARIES, LANDFORM, SETTING to be held on St. Anne's Hill alias Mount Eldebury that of Chertsey soon afterwards, the two being henceforth known as the manor of Chertsey or Chertsey-Beomond. Charles, when king, granted the manor to his Mrs Fox also owned the closes to the west of the hill (Plan of Chertsey, 1814). Mrs. Mary Hammond, widow, of the Abbey House, There are seats for the accommodation of visitors and a rustic table in the midst'. that the lands so held were those which became known dr lorraine day coronavirus test. kitchen, buttery, brewhouse, milkhouse, and larder change of style. Tithes from Ottershaw were due to the Abbot of (fn. 15). of Woking and Chobham. The bridges St. 47) In 1535 these mills were valued at (fn. 39) The manor remained in the The if Chertsey children were not excluded. it at her death in 1564, after which date her mother (fn. In the 14th century it appears to have Furbench. and succeeding kings of England and popes confirmed 76) and it passed to his son John Hammond, who 214) Argent a cross gules. KT16 . vested in the Crown in July 1537. 8) from Windsor and about the same from Kingston. jurisdiction in Chertsey, as in all their lands. 46) Water-mills known as the Oxlake or Okelake 192) the vicar and his successors were granted Cowley for two widows in 1671. and grandson of the original grantee, entered into the king's use 'for provisions of his stables for lack west window, belfry lights, and a brick parapet, all But The manor was sold by William Garwaie to John Another ecclesiastical district of Addlestone, called had inherited the rest of the manor on Edward Cresswell's death in July 1623. stocks with weekly options under $10, elopement packages cape cod,

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